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I'm a software developer located in Utah, USA. I'm having a blast working as a Software QA Engineer for Master Control. I graduated from Full Sail University in December 2017 with a bachelor of computer science degree in software development. I've completed various projects at school that exercise the ins-and-outs of complex multitasking applications. I enjoy making website and applications with OOP principles and methodologies. I like orange juice, movies, anime, and trying out new Linux distros. Rather than being purely a consumer of software, I have a blast creating the software that will be useful to me and others.

Latest Projects

Other Projects

Hayley Ann Photography

Created with Bootstrap Framework, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and a bit of JQuery. The owner of this website wanted a place where they can quickly and easy share their photos with friends, family, as well as clients. Photos are simply uploaded via FTP and are automatically displayed in the category there were uploaded to. All images are protected from hotlinking, and some javascript guard that discourages downloading the images with right-click. The author can easily be contacted with the contact webpage by filling out the form given. I used Google ReCaptcha to prevent bots from filling out the form. This website is still a work in progress.

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I've worked on RemindU on and off for several months now. RemindU is a lightweight and simple Android application that allows people to connect and manage projects together. The primary way of project management through the app is by sending people activities, and the recipients keep the sender updated on the progress of that activity. This is my first time working in Android and I have learned a lot since the start.

I created the backend php scripts that manages user interaction with the SQL database that stores user-data. I may migrate this responsibility to Firebase in the future.

There are currently plans to recreate this application from the floor up.

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NutriM is an Android application that helps users balance their daily and weekly calorie intake. The system is based on the Nutritionix API Wrapper that I created in the past. The Wrapper had to be ported to use in Android due to some minor threading reasons.

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NutritionIX API Wrapper

This is a Java API Wrapper for NutritionIX's online API. Using this wrapper you can search for nutrition facts about thousands of foods.

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This is one of the many Minecraft server plugins I've written. DeepVanish allows your moderators and admins to vanish on the spot, and oversee player activities in secret. With reaching over 34,000 downloads, DeepVanish is definitely among the commonly used vanish plugins.

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Work Experience

Software QA Engineer - Master Control (February 2018 - Present)

Work closely with product owners and developers during the design and development stages to understand requirements and create tests. Participate in the design and development sessions and provide useful feedback. Create and execute the following: Manual tests (including test cases, test plans, bug verification, and functional tests) and automated testing (including regression tests, functional tests, and custom validation tests). Thoroughly document test results. Utilize the defect tracking tool to log defects and verify software chances have been resolved correctly. Track quality assurance metrics. Maintain QA test lab hardware and software. Maintain hardware and software requirements documents. Other duties as assigned.

Lab Tutor - Full Sail University (Workstudy) (July 2017 - September 2017)

Tutor and guide students on their mid-way student projects, as well as soon-to-be graduates with their final student project.

Lead Software Developer - Full Sail University (Workstudy) (June 2017 - July 2017)

Communicate with project producers to plan and implement core components and guide team to further development.

Junior Software Developer - Full Sail University (Workstudy) (April 2017 - June 2017)

Assigned to work with various student groups to assist with core-feature developement, as well as debugging and troubleshooting existing functionality.

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